112,700 New Businesses in 2020 & FlexHomes is proud to be one of them.

According to the House of Commons briefing paper there were 6 million private sector businesses in the UK in 2020, and 112,700 of those were set up in 2020! 308 a day!

Why start a new business at the beginning of a pandemic? Why leave behind a great salary and an established business? Why take the risk? These were just a few of the questions I was asked – maybe you are asking these of yourself now – is it time for you to start your business and make a change?

Why? Why? Why?

96% of all UK based private sector businesses employee less than 9 people; behind East Midlands the North East saw a 8% positive change in the number of businesses being set up. So why in the face of challenging economic times, great uncertainty, an overseas relocation and the ‘risk’ was FlexHomes born?

A lightbulb moment!

The realisation that it was possible to start from scratch, to revel in the excitement of creating something new, to step back into the world of property and make a positive impact on people by transforming lives through homes. Working with others we strive to begin a journey, with the belief that we can build secure futures for everyone to thrive in and from.

So if you are having your own light bulb moment and need to reflect hopefully these insights may help……….

  1. What is it that I love to do?
  2. Do I have the skills needed and if not how do I acquire them?
  3. What are my timescales?
  4. Who do I have to support me?
  5. What are my goals?
  6. Can my I support myself or do I need to carry on with my JOB for now?

Good luck on your journey 🙂

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