3 Strategies to Succeed with SSAS!

3 killer ways to nail your SSAS and they are easy!

YEP easy!

1️⃣  Commercial Property

Buy commercial property directly into your SSAS, simple!

👉Just factor in any VAT elements and if intending to convert into residential be aware that the SSAS cannot hold residential, so there is a need to “sell” out of the SSAS prior to this happening. Or a BIG slap on the wrists, potential financial penalties and getting in trouble with HMRC. 😖

2️⃣ Loan Back

👉We have done just this. We have “loaned back” money from our SSAS to our Limited Company for the purchase of a residential property 😉. Things to note, with a loan back there is a requirement to pay back capital and interest within a maximum of a 5-year period. The SSAS Pension will require security over an “unencumbered” asset or similar. The rate of loan interest is significantly less than using bridge finance. 👍

3️⃣ Unconnected Third-Party Loan

👉If you have been following “Project D” you will know we have loaned £130,000 to an “unconnected third party” by way of a loan agreement and first charge over the asset ✨. They sourced the deal, managed the work, dealt with the trades, variations and organised the sale 😉. The structure of the deal can be worked out in agreement, fixed return, profit share etc. If flipping factor in the time to sell.

If you want to learn a bit more about SSAS check out our earlier Reel in our IG @flexhomesuk

Obviously, there are some whys and wherefores you will need to be aware of and the obligatory “this is not financial advice” but an explanation what we have done. 🌟👍

SSAS is a great tool, don’t be afraid of learning how it works and how you can use it to enhance your property journey.

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