Where on Earth is Bedlington?

So, lets’ face it many of us will have heard of Northumberland, a beautiful area in the North East of England. However, I doubt any of you will have heard of Bedlington, a hidden gem nestled in the North East, just 10 minutes form the busy port of Blyth a “hot spot” for alternative technologies, innovation and specialist companies operating in the fields of green initiatives. A 25-minute drive into Newcastle City Centre and well placed to tap into the towns of Morpeth, Cresswell and Whitley Bay, to name but a few.

Bedlington is a town steep in history, more recently known for the Bedlington Terrier (a fluffy little dog), long before this little chap came along there were references to Bedlington, circa 1050!

Bedlington was an industrial town with an iron works which continued to operate until the 1860’s, it is most remembered as the place where wrought iron rails were invented spawning the massive expansion of the railway age, with their first major use in Stockton and Darlington Railway.

The River Blyth had all the right ingredients at the time for the ironworks to flourish, significant parts of the first locomotive, made by George Stephenson were produced here and the very first train to depart Kings Cross was hauled by a locomotive built at the Bedlington Engine Works. Spawning railway systems far and wide, Russia, Holland, France and Persia.

Front Street still has many of the historic building, and a great place for a wonder, bite to eat and a tipple! Back in the day I have reliably been told Bedlington had 23 pubs!

So why the history lesson, well Bedlington is now back on the map as being one of only 6 new train stations being built on the “Northumberland Line”, soon (ish) to have trains running into the City at half hour intervals. A new station with improved facilities, seating, easy access and secure parking. Bedlington will be the first stop out of Ashington and have two platforms, demand is predicted to grow, and we all know what that means!

We are supporting this growth with our first serviced accommodation property, providing long stay accommodation for people travelling to Bedlington (and Blyth) for work. Offering a 2-bedroom house, packed with high quality amenities, a stones throw to the High Street, a dedicated work area, EV Charger and secure parking.

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