Putting Bedlington on the Map

I have a 6-month goal! To make our holiday let / serviced accommodation THE standout property to rent for business travellers and leisure guest visiting Bedlington!

Bedlington is really NOT on the map (unless you’re in the know….) and in my opinion has been an overlooked area missing out to the coastal resorts and more well-known destinations. I have visited and spent time in most of the local areas, Whitley Bay, Morpeth, Amble, Seahouses, Blyth……..but when I stumbled across Bedlington I instantly warmed to the area. It is well located to explore Northumberland, and in particular the coastline.

Retaining “Front Street” a single, gently sloping traditional high street, with a butchers, bakers and candlestick makers! I jest, a number of small independent shops, a butcher, restaurants, a local craft beer eatery place, a few pubs, men’s barbers and the all-important Greggs! A gentle leisurely wander and many people greeting with “good morning” set the scene. In addition, a Costa Express and a petrol station and two bus stops with easy access to the surrounding areas.

I travel a lot, for business and leisure and for me there is a massive shortfall of high-quality serviced accommodation “homes” in the area. Yes, there are pubs, there are apartment flats, most with on street parking, there are larger properties aimed at contractors, but what if you don’t want to stay in a pub? What if you are away for a long stay and want the comforts and safety of your own space?

I could not find exactly what I wanted, so I set about creating it; we are super chuffed with the outcome, now for happy guests and many nights occupancy.

If you are planning to visit Northumberland and looking for a luxury 2-bedroom property, for work or leisure,  then pop me over a message.

Business rates and early booking discounts available.

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