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We believe that providing stability and security is important for the growth and positivity of local communities and the people who live in them. Which is why we are the only UK property company to offer a loyalty scheme within the private rented sector. Those who meet the qualifying criteria may be eligible to participate in the FlexSteps Loyalty Scheme.

Why – because having seen this work successfully within the social housing sector it seemed only natural that we would create a similar partnership approach; an opportunity to reward outstanding responsible tenants and long-term loyalty.

Our aim is for tenants to live in a home they care for, where they stay with us, grow with us and work with us to create ‘wins’ for everyone.

Steps to start benefiting from our loyalty scheme


Upon your tenancy renewal we will invite you to join our FlexSteps loyalty scheme.


We will need to check a few things before you join. Once confirmed, we will then discuss how you can benefit from FlexSteps, year on year.


Start receiving personalised rewards; tailored just for you!

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Frequently asked questions

Want to learn more about how you can start earning rewards through FlexSteps?
Here are some of the most common questions our tenants ask.

At FlexHomes we recognise that renting is the new “normal” with many people choosing to rent we believe that creating stability for our tenants is vitally important. Our aim is to provide comfortable homes to thrive in, safe in the knowledge that renting is a long-term option.

Our approach is based on recognising the partnership between FlexHomes and our tenants. With increased tenant involvement, satisfaction, and a transparent process in which responsible, aspirational tenants can benefit from the way in which they manage their tenancy, look after their home, and meet their responsibilities.

Our FlexSteps scheme is only open to existing tenants who have rented with us for one year. Upon renewing their tenancy for a further 12 months; they are automatically considered for the scheme. 

To be considered for the FlexSteps loyalty scheme the following criteria must be met:

  1. Rent paid on time with no missed payments or arrears.
  2. Access provided in a timely manner for routine inspections and mandatory works, such as gas tests.
  3. Renewal of the tenancy for a further 12 months
  4. Property has been maintained, clean, minor repairs undertaken and with the outside area kept tidy.
  5. “Been a good neighbour” – act responsibly towards your neighbours with no proven instances of anti-social behaviour.

We recognise that everyone’s circumstances are different, which is why when reaching your one-year anniversary with FlexHomes we discuss the range of rewards and work out what is best for you! 

These may take the form of one:

  • Gift Vouchers in the form of theme park, DIY stores, online retailers etc.
  • A discount on month eighteen’s rent. 
  • A percentage cash back for meeting the qualifying criteria.

Year 2 Benefits:

In addition to the above, one from:

  • Preferential access to other FlexHomes properties.
  • An Assured Short Hold tenancy where 12 months’ rent is paid over an 11-month period.
  • 1 month rent free period at the start of Year 2 tenancy.

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