One year on – an overseas odyssey…

I find myself today reflecting on the past year, not because of COVID (thank goodness), but because one year ago today I sold my treasured company and embarked on an odyssey of adventure, the UK to BAHRAIN, and now to NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE.

YES I really have.........

One might question why I am only telling my network now, what has taken me so long to ‘shout out’ this amazing news? For those who know me well, I take a measured approach to what I do and starting FLEXHOMES has been a long time coming!

I am eternally grateful for the advice I have been given by past colleagues, friends and the many new friends I have made in the world of property. Property has always been one of my passions, the mistake I made was “leaving it too long” to get back into it. FlexHomes aim is to generate opportunity for all within property; bridging the gap between Investors, Tenants and Property Owners.

For my logistics friends, I am truly missing our conferences…….. I am sure you will enjoy this picture, being on the other end of the operation for once gave me a new appreciation for the meaning of ‘fragile goods’!

Reaching out to everyone thinking of making a change, or who has had to because of COVID, then please consider the sound advice given to me by my father :


As I celebrate my one year milestone, I am reflecting on where I have come from, what I have learnt and excited as to where my next 10 years will take me. Upon reflection….

  1. Property, people and partnerships have the ability to improve lives…
  2. Your network is your net worth…..
  3. Life is too short to put off making changes – whether big or small
  4. Being a remote investor presents a unique set of challenges
  5. Living in two countries under COVID rules is interesting
  6. That I love talking to people and learning something new every day

If you would like to hear more about FlexHomes, the highs and lows of being a remote business owner and investor, discuss property, collaborate, exchange ideas, or even if you just want to talk about relocating to another part of the world; then I am up for that 🙂

Lets grab a virtual coffee…. hello@flexhomes.co.uk

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