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Why invest with us

Grow your investment options in the North East

We work with motivated, savvy investors who are looking to secure innovative and flexible ways to invest –  where you have the ability to recycle your cash to make the most of your investment. To put it simply: 

Money in – Money active – Money out

More and more people want to take control of their financial futures and work with credible partners who have the time and experience to generate opportunities. At FlexHomes we have different options to suit your circumstances.

We get to know you, to understand your “why” by building a transparent relationship based upon collaboration, mutual gain, and respect. Each option is unique to you; and must work for both parties. As demand for what we do is high, sadly we can’t work with everyone who approaches us.

Investment models

We offer a range of solutions that enable you to connect the decisions you make today, to your future investment path.

Fixed term returns

Would you like a regular income? A hands-off option, with attractive returns and flexible durations. For clients who want to benefit from high quality property investment, but do not have the time or inclination to do it themselves. Our fixed rate, fixed duration investment option may suit you.

Joint venture

Want to be part of a bigger project? Work together on specific opportunities for a shared return? Our JV model is designed for high-net-worth individuals who already have a diversified portfolio of assets and investment strategies. Higher investment threshold required.

Grow your pension

Wish your pension was working harder for you, well you're not alone! We work with SSAS providers and IFAs' to explore how pensions can do just that. Like many people you could be missing out on massive opportunities; take control of your financial future through property investment.

The Flex Approach

Most people know property is a wise investment; bank returns are at an all time low and confidence in large scale institutions is poor. Our approach is based on having aligned values and a desire to actively make money work harder for our investors.

How we can help

Securing your financial future

Do you know property is a sound investment, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you don’t have enough time or experience?

Watch our video to discover how we can work with you to help you take charge of your financial future and build security and wealth.

Your questions answered

Frequently asked questions

There are so many reasons! This was a conscious commercial decision as we could have invested anywhere in the UK. There is high demand in the area, particularly for 3-bedroom family homes and our strategy is to focus on BTL (Buy To Let) homes. The price point to enter is competitive and there are plenty of opportunities to bring empty or poor condition houses back to life.   

In addition, the North East is seeing a massive amount of external funding and investment at both a central government and regional level, with many private companies setting up businesses and growth in logistics, new technologies, and business support.

The rate of return on your sum invested is agreed between us. We offer higher returns on a fixed term basis; in essence the more you loan in value and time the greater the return.

Your capital and the return you will receive are both protected by an approved legal agreement that both parties sign.  We discuss this in more detail during the process.

With the Fixed Term Return option – sorry no. If you wish to invest on a shared basis then that would be via a Joint Venture, sharing the risk and rewards.

Yes, we invest with our own cash, institutional lending, and private funds. Our FlexFuture product is designed to enable us to create greater opportunities in the current buoyant market and at the same time use our knowledge and expertise to spread the benefit to our clients and partners.

We buy across the North East, within 10 miles of Newcastle City Centre, East of Newcastle in the popular areas and towns running along the key transport hubs, great schools and up to the East coastline. 

We have made a conscious decision to focus on this area due to the demand for family BTL properties and the limited supply in the area. Making it an attractive business proposition. Our focus is quality before quantity which is why our approach is niched to this property profile.

Depending on the approach we agree then your funds may be used for short-term funding to enable us to purchase at BMV (below market value). The property can be purchased in cash, refurbished and in turn being in a position to be refinanced at true market value. Your funding is recycled, returned to you and interest paid as per the legal agreement. If the approach is a JV then the terms, timescales and shares are agreed prior to commencement of the project.

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