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Our quest is to create sustainable and ethical opportunities for people from all walks of life. Creating a positive impact by transforming lives, fulfilling dreams, and building secure futures through property.

Hi, I'm Rachel

“I wanted to create opportunities embracing people from all walks of life, and I knew those created through collaborative relationships would allow us to personalise the customer experience – we place people at the heart of everything we do.”

Rachel founded FlexHomes in May 2020 after selling her highly successful International Logistics Company. With an eclectic background of industries and senior roles to her name; a thirst for seizing opportunities, she felt it was time to take her life in a new direction. With the chance to relocate to Bahrain and a lifelong passion for people and property; it seemed only natural that she put her energies into starting anew.

FlexHomes was born.

A decision to quit corporate life some years earlier and step into running a construction company had equipped her not only with the necessary business skills, but the practical knowledge and tenacity to embrace the world of property. Working with principal contractors, such as Balfour Beatty and Mears saw her scale quickly to be a preferred and trusted partner. Working with local authorities gave a key insight into the transformative nature of how property can positively impact lives and forms the foundations from which FlexHomes has grown.

Having been fortunate enough to travel, visiting countries like Singapore, Borneo, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Malaysia, Rachel developed a network of like-minded international contacts and now spends her time between Bahrain, the UK and the North East, where she oversees a local team focussed on finding and delivering opportunities for investors, those renting and selling.

I will help you...

Secure your ideal investment

We have an investment option to suit; Fixed Term Returns, Joint Ventures and getting your pensions working harder... If that appeals and you want to find out more then click below to book a call via my calendar.

Find your dream home

Renting a FlexHomes property is an ideal choice for those who want to live in a beautiful home, with outside space and a landlord who cares. Our properties are designed with you in mind. Want to register, then click below to book a call via my calendar.

Sell your property stress free

Find out how we can make an immediate cash offer for your property. No strings, no obligation, just a simple straight forward approach! Click below to book a call via my calendar.

What working with me looks like...

“Trusted, Caring, Understanding, Focussed, Thoughtful, Dependable, Organised, Honest, Fair, Analytical, Professional, Reliable” – not just words picked out of a dictionary, but in response to an exercise in self reflection and improvement, from business associates and friends!

I do like a chat, which is why working with me is easy, I work with you on a 1-2-1 basis, I get to know you and you get to know me, simple. If we’re a great fit, then we start working together.

I help investors consider their financial goals, sharing our experiences of lending and SSAS (Small Self Administered Scheme). Understanding family’s needs in their search for a forever home and helping those selling to get the best cash price for their property, with a timescale to suit and no strings attached.

We focus on our long-term relationships, because, well, it is the right thing to do!


We are ethical

For us, at FlexHomes we put people before margins, with our decisions based upon treating others how we would like to be treated. Recognising that opportunity should not be limited to the few; but created by those who can and will, for those who cannot.

We create better environments

At FlexHomes we have seen first-hand the transformational nature of property. Whether generating opportunity for Investors, breathing life into empty homes or creating better environments for those living in them. Property, people and partnerships have the ability, together to create secure futures for all.

We provide clarity

Our FlexHomes products put people at the core of our business. We offer simple, straightforward, transparent options, tailored to each person’s needs.  Explained clearly and openly, with no jargon or flannel.

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