For People : For Futures

For People : For Futures

Hi, we're FlexHomes

When people think of property they imagine houses, flats, new developments, something tangible that they can see and touch. 

When we think about property we consider “people”.

We know that at the heart of every property journey is a person, a couple, a family. Someone wanting to invest, to take charge of their financial future; to build security and wealth.  Another taking their first steps to renting, and moving into one of our lovely homes.

We bridge the gap between all these people by working together to create opportunities to thrive from; starting with a vendor selling a property.

Our approach is based upon building lasting relationships, sharing values and creating ethical options. At FlexHomes we aspire to make a positive impact on people; whatever their dreams.

Our core services

Invest, rent, or sell your home. We provide holistic solutions to solve your latest challenges in property.



Make today’s money work for your future…



Rent a home, not just a house…



Move on, sell your property to us…

What people are saying about FlexHomes:



The world of property can often seem overwhelming and confusing; especially when starting out. With a myriad of different strategies, training providers, acronyms and social media overload – we aim to keep it simple. 

Discover the latest insights into property from experts across all aspects of the industry.


Loyalty scheme

We know a good home is hard to find, that’s why we reward our long term tenants for their commitment towards their tenancy, neighbours and the home they live in.

We are proud to be the only private sector landlord taking this approach and providing quality rewards that benefit our tenants.

Step onto our tenant loyalty scheme and join the FlexFamily. 

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