How many time have you thought about your credit file? I am sure all of us have at some point. At the start of stepping into the world of property I was told to check my credit file. To look after, love and nurture my credit file as though it was one of my family.

Why – because your credit file is, whether we like it or not, a window to who we are……From the moment we were opened a savings account (back in the day a savings book) so we could “learn” about money and save any pocket money or birthday money, we started building our credit record.

Much like a child building their personality as they grow up, how they behave, act, spend and save. Your credit record is a historical record of your spending patterns, how you spend your money, save your money and even if you have had difficulties in managing your money. There it is in black and white and you even get a score!

STEP BACK - take a long hard look at your "credit record personality" now! Why – because lenders do, simple as that.

They don’t know you, their view of you is taken from a “score” much like passing your school exams, or not as the case may be.

I did just that and I was shocked, very shocked! Gasp, horror, it was not accurate (why was I surprised really). Faceless entities processing tonnes of data and things have fallen through the gaps.

A WHICH report from 2019 suggests that nearly 4 in 10 people have never checked their credit report and suggest 1 in 5 have errors in their reports.

I had a “late payment” from a mobile phone provider where I had changed a contract and an inaccurate financial association. Laughable really when the mobile phone provider was in control of the direct debit, after countless phone calls and a final letter to the CEO, 8 months later the matter was resolved. The other being my bank account had not been disassociated from my former spouse. Only 6 months to sort that one out.

I used this resource to check initially!

Like personalities which grow over time, so do credit score and correcting one that is wrong is likely to test your patience and personality at the same time.

So don’t delay take action today…….

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