Siemens – Santander and Sage – the future is bright in the North East!

What do these major employers all have in common?

Well – they all occupy business hubs at Cobalt Park, just 8 miles outside of Newcastle City Centre; a bustling and vibrant major employment hot spot in the local area; a positive contributor to the local economy and the ongoing growth of the North East as a place, to live, work and invest.

A 45 Million pound deal to secure two buildings for the new HQ of SAGE is one of the recent milestones for the area…..WOW!

Cobalt Park is one of the UK’s largest office parks and is surrounded by green open spaces, great schools, family homes and easily accessible transport infrastructure.

What is there not to like?

With just a 4 mile drive you are at the beach……….

At FlexHomes we have chosen this area as our investment “hot spot” and here are just a few reasons why…..

  1. Price point to enter the market – houses ranging from 80,000 GBP upwards
  2. Within 10 miles of a major city with a population greater than 100,000
  3. Outstanding metro system servicing East Newcastle, great transport infrastructure, bus and road networks.
  4. Access to a cluster of great secondary schools.
  5. Lots of outside space, beautiful parks and beaches.
  6. High demand for quality 3 bed family homes to rent.
  7. Most importantly…….the friendly people 🙂


Shush.......don't tell everybody.

If you are thinking of dipping your toe into the chilly waters of the North Sea and want to find out more about our overseas investment journey, then please drop me a message.

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