BTL may work better if landlords allow pets?

This is the claim made by the independent Moneyfacts service. Love them or not pets are very much integral to our lives. We are generally a nation of animal lovers!

The RSPCA estimates that 44% of households in the UK already have one or more pets.

Having grown up with animals my entire life; rescued three puppies from Bulgaria and now a cat in Bahrain, when it comes to animals my decision making becomes, shall we say, “emotion” led. 🙂

There have been rumblings across the sector indicating the UK Government is moving towards this as a matter of rule, rather than landlord choice…..

So should landlords have a choice, or will many still say “no pets”?

While the obvious concerns are negative:

  1. Damage to the property
  2. Animals smells
  3. Too many pets
  4. Potential noise to neighbours


There are also some positives:

  1. Advertising to a wider audience – pet and non pet owners potentially reducing void periods.
  2. By allowing pets this may encourage good tenants to stay longer, reducing costs in vetting new tenants and tenant change updating.
  3. Being able to charge a higher rent for a pet friendly property.
  4. Pets provide companionship for those living on their own.

Are more landlords not accepting pets as a result of the restricts to charge additional fees to cover the potential risks?

The NRLA (National Residential Landlords Association) have a number of great articles on the subject.

So whatever your view, keeping up to date with legislative changes that impact both Landlords and Tenants is key to future proofing properties and your business model.

My feeling is Landlords should have the choice............... Do you allow pets in your rental properties?

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