Are you in the dark about YOUR pension?

£600,000.00 from ONE decision!

Yep - it is TRUE!

Hard to believe I know; I don’t joke around when it comes to money…..

So how?

PENSIONS…..those mystical pots of future money we all get an annual statement for, give a cursory glance to and fingers crossed next year will be better! Well often next year is not better and we are sat facing a bleak retirement with not enough income…..


We took a long hard look at our pensions and like many in the property industry we looked at a Small Self-Administered Scheme. Now if you’ve never heard of them you are not alone, 99% of the population have not!

SSAS have been around for nearly 50 years!

A SSAS is a pension trust set up by a Limited Company or partnership; and is primarily set up by a family run limited company for the benefit of the owner directors.

Simply put you take control of your financial future through your SSAS

Now a SSAS is not for everyone and you need to do your research, but for us the one decision to take action, educate ourselves and set up our SSAS has given us the following benefits:

  1. The ability to lend money to our sponsoring employer (FlexHomes Limited)
  2. Control over our pension and how it is invested (no faceless pension manager)
  3. Ability to purchase commercial property and lease back to our business or third party
  4. A tax free lump sum if we die before we retire.
  5. A multi-generational, tax efficient structure and asset that can be inherited by my son and step children (very important to us).
  6. Plus many more benefits!

When did you seriously look at your pensions?

If you want to find out a bit more about FlexHomes and have a chat about property investing, leveraging your pensions or how to get started, please drop me a message and connect. 🙂

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