Don’t let self doubt stop you!

How many of us have paid for training or attended a course and not acted?

Signed up to download the all important “freebie” never to look at it again?

On a recent in-depth course there was a section on “self-reflection” and the suggestion was made to go out to friends, family, colleagues / former colleagues to ask what they saw as my strengths and weaknesses!🧐

In my 30 plus years of working (yep I am that old!) I have done many personal development courses using Myers Briggs, Jung, Belbin, 16 personalities, Team Dynamics, the list goes on…..📋

However, this somehow felt different, what if no one replied, what if the answers were not what I wanted to hear, what would people say? 👀

No doubt a theme many of us can relate to, SELF DOUBT. 😟

BUT I did it with a healthy dose of trepidation and WOW was I surprised! 😁

I had an overwhelming response (no I didn’t just pick people who I thought would reply). 🤣🤣 Most of the responses aligned to what I knew about myself, but what was most interesting is that what people said was a reflection of themselves; and our personal relationship, one person said “really caring”, and another “very direct”, can I be both? 🤔

If you are just starting out in business and want to seriously consider your strengths and weaknesses or use it as a useful tool if planning to do a JV then now may be the time to have a go! ✅

Both my JV partner and I shared our own profiles so we can deploy to our strengths on our next project; we used it as a basis to discuss how we problem solve, our attitude to risk, analyse data, assess deals and our own areas for improvement. A blue print for working together. 👊

There are lots of free resources online, just Google – Free Personality Tests.

By the way – I am a “The Logistician” – “these people tend to be reserved yet wilful, with a rational outlook on life. They compose their actions carefully and carry them out with methodical purpose”.

Please let me know if you take up the challenge and your results! 👍

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