Do your relationships rock?

Did you know that Bahrain has a dearth of Public and Religious Holidays and as I am sat writing my weekly update, I have just enjoyed a long weekend of 6 days! 😎 A brief and much needed post COVID interlude before I left the balmy weather of Bahrain behind and headed back to the UK! ✈️

As a remote investor one of the biggest challenges I face is building relationships, it is hard to join webinars with a 3-hour time difference and while Zoom calls are great there is nothing better than meeting people in person. 🙎🙍

For a few brief weeks I get the opportunity to do what I love; meet people, talk property, and build relationships and all FACE TO FACE. I spend a significant part of my year in the UK working on my business and building these relationships in person. 🤝🤝🤝

Why are relationships so important in the world of property?

Relationships are the building blocks for achieving our objectives. Working together enables us to develop our ideas, learn, share experiences, and encourage each other towards our goals. As humans we are naturally sociable so great relationships with people makes us feel happier, more engaged, and productive. 😁

Property is a vast subject; simply put:

“you don’t know what you don’t know”

which is why having a strong peer group of like-minded property people certainly helps overcome the inevitable hurdles you will face. There are oodles of data to demonstrate that strong social connections make people happier and more successful. 💪

If you are wanting to build relationships but don’t know where to start here are a few tips:

  • Keep an eye out for content that interests you – drop the person a quick message to say why it was useful – this is exactly what I did and now I am great friends and working on a JV approach with a like-minded partner, the lovely Elly Freeman.
  • Search for people in your target area – I met the amazing Joanna Tabaku this way, we started talking about the North East and bingo now we are doing a flip just outside Durham!
  • Search out specialists in your target strategy – for us we work with sourcers in the North East – so asking about the services companies provide and setting up a call can be a great first step. The knowledgeable and professional Jessica Landale.
  • Join groups of interest – there are over 10 million groups on Facebook so join one or two!
  • Give your time freely, put yourself out for others and treat people with respect.


Remember relationships are not built over night, they take time and effort, not all will work, but the one’s that do will stand the test of time and be valuable to all the parties involved.

Thanks ladies for all your help and support so far, roll on 2022 for more collaborations! 😍

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