When did you last invest in yourself?

Today I am sat in a lovely little B and B just outside Durham after having visited Project D to see how things are progressing. 😁 

If you are getting into property then you are probably overwhelmed by the choice of “training” companies, people offering mentoring, masterminds, free webinars, books to buy, coaching, the list goes on! 😖

However, I am particularly pleased to be meeting the one and only Paul Tinker at his 2 day “project management” experience event. I had been booked earlier in the year but the course was rescheduled, and I am pleased to say I have managed to get my dose of COVID out of the way just before flying back, Bahrain to Barton Upon Humber here I come! 🥳

I am sure you’ve heard the expression “you don’t know what you don’t know”, even though I have been involved in property for some time I am seriously looking forward to this!  🤩

So how do you pick a training provider? 🤔

Pretty much the same way as anything else, research and gut feel. I took up references when I was doing my research and also really worked out if the event was going to provide me with benefit (after all I am flying back to the UK to attend it). ✈️ 

When I was starting out, I contacted the NRLA, TPO, PRS, CIH on the hunt for “accredited” courses, and I struggled. Yes, you can take formal exams if you want to be a letting agent, but how do you wheedle out the good from the bad in order to build your education and knowledge. 💯

Builders, property investors, developers and landlords do in some spheres attract a bad rap, and in some cases 100% deserved, shady landlords with well below standard properties and dire attitudes to boot all out to make a fast buck and forget the consequences! 🤬

A few questions to be able to answer:

✅ When dealing with the company do they come back to you promptly or does your enquiry disappear into the ether?

✅ Is the information well prepared, well presented, and robust?

✅ Do you understand what you are signing up to?

✅ Do you think the training is going to be engaging and fun (I did a free webinar with a well-known property investor with many years of experience) and they spoke solidly for 90 minutes without taking a breath! They were not for me…………

✅ Can the trainer / company truly back up what they are saying and selling? 

✅ Do they hold any accreditations with a strong track record of testimonials and reviews?

✅ Will you have a chance to meet like-minded property people?


If the answer is YES and you have a great gut feel, then go for it! Soooo……….looking forward to being in a room, face to face, having fun and learning, the perfect combo! 👊

What is the best or worst training you’ve ever done?

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