What to know FIRST as you get into property

The day has come, and you have made the decision to “get into property”. GREAT. With big dreams of giving up the day job, or maybe more humble aspirations, less reliance on a wage and more freedom of choice? 🤔

Whatever your reason now the hard part – WHAT STRATEGY? 🤷‍♀️

Spend some time researching 🔍 and you will find a myriad of options, BTL, HMO, Title Splits, New Build EEEkk! The acronyms continue, as does the shiny penny pulling you in one direction and then another. A typical pattern is BTL – Buy to Lets or Family Lets, then HMO, then serviced accommodation…a natural progression financially, for your time and risk exposure 📉📈.

It is much easier than that – there is only ONE decision to make……..yep you read that right, just one decision ☝.

Do you want to have a PROPERTY JOB or be a PROPERTY INVESTOR?

Let me break it down: 👇

👉 BTL – learn & outsource – experience minimal – safe secure, lower risk and a level of certainty.

👉 HMO – house of multiple occupation – can outsource but higher costs to this, customer facing, greater turnover of tenants, some people see this as a job strategy.

👉 Title Split – more complex strategy involving problem solving, tenacious deal finding, longer durations of activities and more funds, potentially greater rewards.

👉 Commercial to residential conversion – learn and manage, capital deployed for longer, more variables and higher risk.


Property Investor / Armchair Investing – you provide the funds, partner with someone who has the time and skills, hands off once set up and passive returns for you.

You guessed it right, this is not an exhaustive list 📜, or indeed a deep dive into the nuances of every property strategy out there! It also does not constitute advice (got to love that disclaimer); but just a point to consider when dipping your toe or taking the plunge into property 🏡.

Property Job or Property Investor – where is your time best spent? 🤔🕝

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