Are you a Rule Maker or a Rule Breaker?

You’ve heard the buzz around property and don’t want to be left behind…is it too late to get started, what should you buy first, is there going to be a crash, shall I wait? 🤷‍♀️

Questions no doubt you will have heard or even asked yourself. 🤔

One of the questions that pops up is

“what yield are you after?”

as if that is the single factor determining a property strategy. It is not! 🙅‍♀️

While yield is a really common phrase when discussing property investments another consideration should be given to 👉 “Return on Capital Employed – ROCE or ROI – Return on Investment”. Yield certainly gives a good 👌 indication of how well a property may perform but understanding the relationship between what money you have spent out 💸 and what money you have coming back 💷 in defines the profitability of a property against the money you have invested. (Check out our earlier posts on ROI and The Rule of 72). 😉

When starting out it is important to identify your own rules and stick to them ✅✅✅. Something we discuss with all potential clients as part of our onboarding process and strategy calls. 🔃

Why is having a set of rules important?

🧠 Rules enable you to lead with your head not your heart.

🕐 Establishing a format of DD to follow time, and time again.

🤔 Assess a property against your criteria on cashflow / ROI.

✅❌ Rule properties in or out quickly saving valuable time.

💻 Delegate the routine tasks to a VA.

🔍 Evaluate, learn and improve your processes and buying decisions.

👀 Look objectively and reflectively and your potential deals.

Time to work out if you’re a RULE MAKER ⚒️ or RULE BREAKER 💔

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