Yep, they do exist and even with the current market conditions, it is well worth noting these. Ross Walker, Divisional Director of Purple bricks has done just that: The underlying trend post covid is towards houses 🏑 with outside spaces, semi-rural with good access to major towns/ cities. With Newcastle suburbs becoming ever more popular due to a lack of supply. Tell me about it Ross 😊

When a leading agent goes out of their way to highlight the most in demand post codes in your target area of the NE, then you sit up and listen. πŸ‘‚

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Most in demand were NE12; NE63; NE23; NE6 and NE5.

For Sunderland

Most in demand were SR8 and SR7.

For Durham

Most in demand were DH8 and DH1.

Looking at each postcode, he commented: πŸ—£οΈβ€‹

SR8 – includes the South Tyneside villages of Cleadon and Boldon. Traditionally a higher value area, with “aspirational” houses. People from South Shields always have the idea that one day they will move to Cleadon.Β  “With it being a village, it’s slightly more rural, but well connected for both South Shields and Sunderland.”

SR7 – Seaham, small coastal town, ex mining and fishing but has seen a bit of a resurgence over the last 10 years. “This postcode area is popular with buyers due to its coastal position and access to beaches.”

DH8 – Consett. As a postcode its semi-rural, my guess is that there’s high demand for properties due to bigger gardens and people “moving to the country” without being too far away from a town.

DH1 – Durham city centre. The area has one of the top five universities in the country, which attracts a lot of overseas students as well. “Demand for properties is always high in the area due to people working at the university, students in both lettings properties and parents buying for their children. Also, the Police HQ is in this area as well as a hospital. There is a lot of new developments by the riverside.”

NE12 – Blyth. Similar story to SR7.

NE63 – Ashington. This is affordable area outside of Newcastle, close to both the city and the coast, so it’s a good family area.

NE23 – Cramlington. Same as Ashington, literally the next town along.

NE6Β – Walker/Byker/Heaton. These are affordable areas within Newcastle and are the popular suburbs for your average working families. “Significantly cheaper than Jesmond/Gosforth. I would have said typically blue-collar buyers purchase in this area”.

NE5 – West Denton/Newbiggin. Exactly the same as NE6, with high demand from families.

So, if you’re thinking πŸ€” of the NE as your investment area, then starting with one of these may be a good place to begin your research. πŸ‘πŸ”

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