Sometimes it is hard to see the wood for the trees, and it feels like everything is conspiring against us. This time of year, being extra busy. 👩‍💻

The world of property 🏡certainly has a mass of diversity, experiences, rewards and opportunities ✨ for those who have the persistence, tenacity and energy to ride the waves. 🌊

I was not one of those girls 👧 who wrote a teenage diary, nor am I one for having regrets, make decisions and move on, very much a glass half full person!

But occasionally a number of fast-moving issues come together, and it is easy to lose sight of the “little wins” ⭐. The past few months there have been a few hurdles 😬 to overcome, a tricky refinance, escalating issues on our latest project, miss information, time delays, the list goes on. 😖

It often takes a third party to point out the “little wins” or in some cases the “BIG wins”. 🌟

Some of ours:

⭐ Our first SA unit underway.

⭐ Buying a children’s care home in a JV.

⭐ Attending EQUA Success Mastermind monthly.

⭐ 2023 JV in place for a title splitting project.

⭐ Working on a new JV opportunity for a commercial conversion.

⭐ Steady growth across our socials.

⭐ Our VA taking on more tasks and supporting the business.

⭐ Building a great network of amazing people.

⭐ Having a fantastically talented design team supporting us.

⭐ Receiving positive feedback on our branding.

⭐ Loving helping people and being able to network in person.

What are your “little or BIG wins”?

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