Are you knocking on Northumberland’s Door?

When people talk about investing in the “North East” they are usually thinking Newcastle, Sunderland, Darlington……..

However, many people are missing the hidden gem of “Northumberland”.

 Apart from us loving Northumberland, which has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world 😍; it is also the target of massive levelling up funding. 😲🤩🤩

🤵 Michael Gove, the “Levelling Up Secretary” recently spoke of the devolution deal being considered for the North East region. With a whopping, WAIT FOR IT, whopping £1.4 billion over the next 30 years giving fresh powers across skills, transport and housing! 😲👏

📣 “Energising Blyth” and initiative supported by Northumberland Council which sees a £70 million regeneration programme to transform the town, creating at least 7,500 jobs, improvements to walking and cycling routes, better connections to public transport, new cultural, education, residential and leisure projects. ✨👏👏👏

Blyth is only a few minutes away from our latest project, a serviced accommodation property in a quiet road in Bedlington, which will have driveway parking, EV charger, garage and been the subject of a back to brick refurbishment! 😉

📍 Blyth itself dates back to the 12th century, situated on the River Blyth it is fast becoming one of the hot spots for renewable energy, offshore wind and subsea developments. Bordering the river there are a number of new business parks springing up, Bates Clean Energy Terminal benefiting from a £10 million redevelopment programme, a 218-acre energy park, managed office space and bespoke training initiatives driving money into the area. 🤑

If you are thinking of the North East as an investment area, then check out these sites: 👇


Happy researching. 🤗

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