Is Remote Investing for you?

We’ve all heard of “shop local” but how does “invest local” really impact our property plans?

I am from the South and invest in the “North East” 💸, and add in to the mix the fact I spend large amounts of time visiting my husband who lives in Bahrain! ✈

🏡 When getting started in property this is probably one of your first considerations, but as I have now been “remote investing” for nearly 3 years I have a pretty good handle on some of the things to consider. 💻

“Invest local”

  • Option to self-manage and easy to “pop” into projects 🤩
  • Attend local networking events and build your peer group 👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏻👨🏾‍🤝‍👨🏻
  • Get known in your local area and know your area like the back of your hand 📍
  • Less travel time and costs 💰
  • Consider that the starting threshold to buy a property may be much higher than you can afford 📈
  • Return on investment may be lower in relation to spend 📉
  • Properties supply may not meet your chosen strategy 📊

“Remote Investing”

  • Depending on how remote either a flight and / or long car journeys! 🛫
  • Factor in “down time” when driving and time spent in the car. 🚗
  • Cost of travel and hotel stays 💸
  • Impact on your home life and job if working 💻
  • Greater time researching and getting to know your area 📌
  • Harder to manage problems from a distance 🗺
  • Networking opportunities not on your doorstep 🚪
  • A big plus – potentially more economical to start your property dream from afar 🌍
  • Technology makes this so much easier to undertake DD 👩‍💻
  • Greater portfolio diversification 🌐

Whether “local” or “remote” there is no better time to start! ⏳

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