⬆ With the rising cost of energy, no doubt we have all cottoned on to “SMART” heating systems!

Although to be honest, I felt very “un-smart” (is that really a word?)………..when trying to get my head around the various systems and what they do! 🤯

🧐 Many people instantly reference HIVE and NEST, we had initially been looking at INSPIRE. However, after an inordinate amount of time, I could not settle on any of them. 🤔

🛏 This is for a 2 bed which we will be running as SA, however, we wanted to option to also use it as a BTL should we wish in the future. ✨

What we have chosen is the less talked about “DRAYTON WISER SYSTEM” stocked by Wolsley and if you are an LNPG member too there is the benefit of savings! 💰


📃 Excellent reports across the industry.

✅ Well-known brand with a long history.

🛠 Easy to install and price point.

📱 Ability to operate on the APP but also gives guests a function to vary the heating within a 2-degree range directly from the radiator thermostat.

✔ The system can be built in stages, buying products in kits to build up slowly if cost is a factor.

🛏 A radiator thermostat in each room so can bespoke control on a per room basis.

✨ Flexible – the system will operate on 16 rooms and up to 32 devices.

🌟 Actually, looks pretty good, simple clean lines.

Some Headline Facts for comparison: 👇

  • HIVE Thermostat is not in stock with HIVE directly and they have no idea when it will be back in.
  • HIVE one year warranty only.
  • HIVE recommends installation by a Gas Safe registered engineer.
  • NEST Learning Thermostat sounds great for a home where people’s routines can be learned, not ideal in an SA.
  • NEST is wired and has a mass of accessory products, such as security cameras and is pretty nice looking.
  • NEST the ability to create a complete smart home ecosystem.
  • INSPIRE – amazing product with the linked calendar feature but we started to get into issues of new plumbing for what was already a satisfactory system.
  • INSPIRE – massive functionality and designed with Landlords in mind.
  • INSPIRE – overall costs are a major consideration, especially if going hard wired.

Now I am no expert on Smart Heating options, but I found myself watching more YT videos than I care to mention! 📺

👉 Watch this space to see if I am still impressed when we are using “Drayton Wiser” in earnest! 😊

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