Long before the days of buying a car online and having it delivered to your door you would traipse around looking at cars in person 🧐. Only to turn up to find out it is not what you thought, it has a ding up the back, you kick the tires and then have to decide. 🤔

Then comes the good old 🤩 “sold as seen” the caveat, catch all, that means the seller can walk away and if you break down 3 minutes after buying it, tough luck!

This is the equivalent of buying at auction! Well nearly……………

One of the dilemmas of buying at auction is getting a survey done prior to bidding, if you spent a few hundred quid for a survey every time you were going to “bid” then you would soon be wasting allot of money. 💸

Plus, the chances of getting your surveyor round in time are slim.

What do you do; I am a genuinely trusting person so with the assumption that a vendor is going to declare everything on a legally binding document, then I assume they do. I also trust the Estate Agent, after all they want the house to sell, but if they sell you a duffer then you are hardly going to trust them for number 2, 3, 4……..

We buy without seeing! ❌👀

Yes, there is risk. 💯

We have been caught out! 😞

Which is why we now offer a Condition Report Service across the North East so you get a chance to have “eyes on” a property without the significant cost of a RICS Surveyor.

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