Does money grow on trees?

Coal exporting town to clean energy port – the vision for the future of Blyth, a town situated on the North East coastline and sitting within Northumberland.

👀 If you had seen my earlier posts regarding the changes towards devolution in the North East and the mass of funding under the government’s “levelling up” programme you will know there is so much happening and quite a bit to shout about. ✨😉

Blyth is set to receive a further £20.7 million to help regenerate the area, focusing on housing, health, local jobs, skills and crime reduction.

Measures include: 

  • Housing: An £18 million boost will repurpose run-down and empty homes into high-quality affordable housing to rent and convert under-occupied offices into new apartments. Some of the funding will also go towards making social housing more energy-efficient.
  • Employment support: Almost £1.5 million will fund new high-tech training equipment at the town’s Energy Central Campus, providing local young people with a route to high-quality jobs on their doorstep.
  • Anti-social behaviour: A £200,000 initiative to reduce crime in Blyth including by extending CCTV provision in the town centre and establishing a new partnership between local businesses and the police. These interventions will target anti-social behaviour, substance misuse and theft in particular.
  • Health: Government will strengthen local partnerships between Jobcentre Plus and NHS services in Blyth so more disabled people and those with health conditions are supported to start, stay and succeed in work. DHSC is also working with Northumberland Council to support more smokers to quit, complementing the £35 million recently allocated to address health inequalities across the whole of the North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care System over the next 3 years. 

When considering an investment area 💰, it is important to reflect on the level of time you have to keep up to date with microeconomics affecting your target market 🎯. Do you enjoy staying ahead of the curve on changes, getting into the detail to map out your purchase’s strategy, or maybe you are a “big picture” scattergun approach type of person? 🤔

Our purchase approach is very area specific, our decision was to have a level of knowledge down to a street so that when new opportunities came up we could easily, rule them in, or out✅❌. For us, the time invested in knowing and understanding the area will be paid back in spades in the long term by buying right, holding our assets, and achieving solid returns and growth. 💹

The North East is a hidden gem 💎 or maybe not so hidden with a considerable focus on the area. 📌

If you are thinking about the North East and want to learn more, then just send me a message. 📧

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