Don’t tell everyone…

How could I miss the opportunity to follow up on a recent Times article singing the praises of the “Beautiful North East”!✨

I did recently have a fellow property owner message me saying “don’t tell everyone”, tongue in cheek I know…… 🤐

I make no apologies for promoting the North East, as a latecomer to the area I have to say I am well and truly in “LOVE” with so many places. 😍😍😍

The Sunday Times named Whitely Bay as the best place to live in the North East, with the entries still making the cut, Ouseburn and Wooler.

What did the Times have to say:

"After years in the doldrums, Whitley Bay is catching up fast with its exalted neighbour Tynemouth. The houses are cheaper, the connections to Newcastle just as good and the beach, with its famous lighthouse, every bit as beautiful.

"The most impressive thing here has been the transformation of Park View into one of the best independent shopping streets in the country, with its artisan bakery, brunch spots and microbrewery, as well as more traditional outlets such as the shoe-repairer and the butcher."

Anyone who is in the know will have been watching Wooler for some time, the new Ad Gefin Anglo Saxon Museum and English Whiskey distillery predicted to create massive tourism 35,00 in the first year!

🤔 If you are thinking of investing in the area, or even just visiting I cannot praise the people, the places, the countryside, and the charm, great beaches, great pubs, great food and on a sunny day there is nowhere else I would rather be.

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