Single point of failure?

If you were one of the many investors hopping onto the back of the “new” GIGA Factory planned in the North East then you would have had a few scary moments when Britishvolt went into administration!

🏡 Properties being sold at inflated prices “close” to the new factory, ideal for the 100’s of contactors that will be flooding into the area to build it 👷‍♀️👷‍♂️. However, while many people reference the factory being in Blyth I can’t have been alone in trying to establish just exactly where it was going to be built.

So, on one of my many visits I hunted it down 🚗……and yep it was a hunt, following many a country road in search of Harris fencing and some blooming big signs! 🛑

🔊 FYI – it is not in Blyth!

If you had adopted a property strategy based solely on the success of Britishvolt, then there really was a single point of failure in the plan.

When considering what property strategy and where, then having multiple exits and options is key to the long-term success of your project.

So it will be a relief to many that there is light at the end of the tunnel (well not electric but battery charged light…) ✨

David Collard, chief executive of Scale Facilitation – the investment firm which owns the majority of Recharge Industries – said that the company plans to go ahead with plans to build the gigafactory on the site at #Cambois, just north of Blyth.

🏡 Which is why when we purchased our latest Serviced Accommodation property sitting just a mere 4 miles from the site, we knew we had multiple target markets 🎯, and while the area is still relatively untapped there is massive opportunity for future growth. 📈

👉 If you have always considered the North East as a potential investment area, but didn’t know where to start please reach out and book a call to discuss how we might help. 📲

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