The initial excitement of your recent purchase is now wearing off slightly and you have been spending plenty of time tying up paperwork, especially if you are an Expat. 

Overseas buyers have a few extra hurdles to jump through, so it is important you action everything immediately ✅. Things just take SO much longer, and, in many cases, original documents will be needed 📝. Factor in either sending you only passport back to the UK or the time needed to have all documents “certified” locally and sent back to the UK. Watch out for restricted working times over Public and Religious Holidays – especially Ramadan. 📅

When looking to appoint a solicitor ask them if they regularly deal with Expats, it will ease the process and reduce the hassle factor. 💯

Don’t get caught out here as there is often a last-minute need for just “one more” document to sign with a wet signature 📝, usually at the 11th hour and after you have asked multiple times to ensure everything has been sent over. Particularly true if buying with a mortgage.

Survey Report: 🔍

By now you should have a detailed RICS Survey to review, absolutely key if you have not seen the property prior to purchasing (I know that is a cardinal sin, but as remote investors a decision you will need to make is if this is a strategy for you). Get a call in with your surveyor to discuss it. 📲

Onwards and upwards, now onto the fun bit, your plans for the property! 😎

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