Crafting a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Back in my days at British Airways, they were pioneers in crafting unique selling points, or USPs. One of their standout creations from 1990, “Club Europe,” revolutionised business class travel. Think about BA today, and it’s hard to imagine their fleet without it. Club Europe offered superior seating, dedicated check-in, priority boarding, and complimentary in-flight dining. This strategic move gave them a competitive edge, allowing them to charge premium fares. I distinctly recall being told that any competitive advantage in the market typically lasts around 18 months, although that window may be even shorter nowadays, especially in the fast-paced tech industry.

When embarking on the creation of our first serviced accommodation property in the North East, Bedlington, I recognised a range of features that were lacking among our competitors, yet in demand from our target audience.

  1. Secured Driveway Parking/Garage
  2. Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points
  3. Dedicated Workspace
  4. Outdoor Space
  5. Full House Rental for Extended Stays

The specific geographic area, encompassing the Port of Blyth and regions like Bedlington, Ashington, and Cramlington, boasts numerous businesses. However, there is a glaring shortage of high-quality standalone serviced accommodation homes – a preferable alternative to typical lodging options such as pub rooms or flats. Drawing from my extensive work-related travel experiences worldwide, I understand the inconvenience of noisy surroundings, creaking floorboards and limited parking prevalent in many hotels and pubs.

An illustration of this is the premium value of “Secure Off-Street Parking.” The property’s strategic location, a mere 300 meters from the bustling High Street, is nestled in a tranquil residential street. This affords easy access to local amenities without compromising peace and quiet. A key asset is the spacious garage, ideal for storing work tools, equipment, bicycles, and more.

“Driveway Parking” initially accommodated a modest 1-2 cars, yet we seized the opportunity to expand. We undertook the task of removing the obstructive rockery, lowering the curb, and creating additional parking beneath the bay window. While this incurred both cost and a wait for council permits, the long-term benefits have made it a worthwhile investment. Presently, the property can comfortably accommodate 3 vehicles.

“EV Charging Point” a standout feature, unique in the local area. This amenity is absent even in establishments like pubs that offer multiple rooms. While my personal vehicle isn’t electric, I recognised the significance due to the prevalence of businesses in the fields of green technologies and renewables in the vicinity. Installation of the EV Charger, carried out by EON, was relatively smooth, and their knowledgeable technician ensured the success of the endeavour. This addition sets our property apart.

It’s worth pondering:

Have you explored your property's Unique Selling Proposition?

In my next article, I’ll delve deeper into why our property stands out and how we’ve harnessed these unique selling points to the fullest.

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