Power Pals – Uniting Success!

There is something extremely satisfying about finding JV partners who have the same outlook and money.

Plus, a whole host of benefits:

✨Greater investment fund – bigger deals with greater rewards.

✨Opens up different target areas as increased buying power.

✨Shared vision and goals with a clear agreed objective.

✨Collaboration – working together is more enjoyable and more rewarding.

✨Problem solving together – it is true a problem shared is a problem halved.

✨Different skill sets enable to optimum output for the project.

✨Multiple sets of real work experiences.

✨Effective allocation of tasks to skilled individuals creating an efficient use of time for all.

✨Build assets into your portfolio rather than just a fixed return on loan funds.

There is no doubt many people in property are looking for investors – WHY – because they don’t have any of their own money.

Top training companies deliver the mantra invest with “OPM – other people’s money” and without doubt this is a win for those who want to be hands off and get a return, not necessarily adopt any of the risk of a JV, or the rewards.

However, what makes working with a JV partner who has equitable funds to you so rewarding is they really do have the success of the project at heart. 🤗🏡

“An equilibrium of status”

Bringing money into a deal also gives the option to take away the rising costs of finance 📈 (and in turn greater profit), now all of that depends on the numbers and size of the deal, but what it creates is a clear set of parameters – this is our funding pot 💰, and this is what we want to do with it.

Working together 🤝, bringing time ⌛, different skills 👷‍♀️👷‍♂️, experience 😎, funds 💷 and a shared vision 👀 creates a strong goal 🎯 to overcome issues as a collective. Making joined up decisions for the good of the project and each other. 👍

If you have never considered a JV maybe now is the time to? 😃

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