Our Close Call: How We Beat the Bank’s Limits

I have had it with banks!

Check this out now and save yourself a world of added stress! As the saying goes…

it is not what you know, but who you know!

I am sick of hearing excuses for poor service, delays, sorry they are not in, I can’t speak to them, they are working from home, I don’t have a record of that, the list goes on. 🥱😖

Don’t get caught out when you need to make a large transfer from your bank and your daily limit has not been updated. We did and it nearly sank our deal! 😫😡

You may not be aware, but banks put a daily limit on transaction amounts and also an overall daily limit. ⚠️

Having had my business bank account in place for some time with a reputable high street global bank, I did not consider they would have created such a limiting daily transaction to my account.

Now I should have probably checked and having been the subject of fraud in my last company (an industry that is rife for it) 😔, I understand the need for this, along with two factor authorisation or payment approval to minimise risk. ✅✅

The day of completion on our auction property we finally get the “completion statement”, delayed due to the vendor’s solicitor not confirming a charge, then it being prepared and sent over. 🤦‍♀️

OK easy peasy, log in and send the money. Hold your horses, not quite so fast there, the limit is not enough 😲. 3 hours of phone calls to the bank 📞, a promise of a call back (that never came), an online request, a secure message and still nothing. With only 2 hours to go 🕙, I was not giving up (the changes online should be instant, but “they have been having a few issues recently and it can take 48 hours”. 48 hours, seriously, surely if someone needs the limit increased it is urgent. 😖

48 hours in the world of property is a long time. ⏳

If I am one thing, it is persistent 💪, and on my last call I happened to stumble upon a chap who “knew someone” in the other department, how fortunate was I. Some 45 minutes later it was done, not a process, but a person had solved the problem. 💯

Money sent, tick tock on the clock, and one completion on the way! 🥳🥳🥳

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