Do you ever feel that you are like an entrant in the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling event (if you have no idea what I am talking about it is bonkers search it on YT!)

Lurching to chase after one piece of rolling cheese, only to have another cross your path, another curve ball you, a few more pop up, everyone chasing the same cheese and before you know it game over.

Getting into property is akin to this…

I had the pleasure to speak with a lovely lady 👩 who had been dipping her toe into the world of property for a while and with mixed success.

She is intelligent, positive, hard-working, ambitious but she had one simple stumbling block – she did not have a plan! 😲

Yep, that was it no plan, she was chasing a million cheeses, darting from idea to idea, was it BTL, was it new builds, should it be title splits, where, what price point, the list goes on. 🤔

With a few issues along the way, she was confused on what to do next.  Everything seemed overwhelming, there was just too much choice and no clear plan. 😔

Which is where I stepped in, some 3 hours later, some clarity had emerged and along with our Financial MOT Workbook, positive and constructive steps were taken. 🤗👍

She now has a plan.

  • Identified what funds were needed to retire.
  • How she was going to achieve this.
  • Which strategy to use.
  • Identified the timeframe.
  • Assessed the level of risk.
  • Picked an area.
  • Worked out how to build relationships with agents.
  • Lined up her funding.
  • Picked a price point.

So, if you need clarity in your plan, drop us a DM.

Don’t keep chasing the cheese!

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