Three Power Moves with Your SSAS

3 killer ways to nail your SSAS and they are easy!

YEP easy!

1️⃣  Commercial Property

Buy commercial property directly into your SSAS 💰, simple!

👉Just factor in any VAT elements and if intending to convert into residential be aware that the SSAS cannot hold residential, so there is a need to “sell” out of the SSAS prior to this happening. Or a BIG slap on the wrists, potential financial penalties and getting in trouble with HMRC. 😖

2️⃣ Loan Back

👉We have done just this. We have “loaned back” money from our SSAS to our Limited Company for the purchase of a residential property 😉. Things to note, with a loan back there is a requirement to pay back capital and interest within a maximum of a 5-year period. The SSAS Pension will require security over an “unencumbered” asset or similar. The rate of loan interest is significantly less than using bridge finance. 👍

3️⃣ Unconnected Third-Party Loan

👉If you have been following our previous project which is “Project D” you will know we have loaned £130,000 to an “unconnected third party” by way of a loan agreement and first charge over the asset ✨. They sourced the deal, managed the work, dealt with the trades, variations and organised the sale 😉. The structure of the deal can be worked out in agreement, fixed return, profit share etc. If flipping factor in the time to sell.

If you want to learn a bit more about SSAS check out our earlier Reel in our IG @flexhomesuk

Obviously, there are some whys and wherefores you will need to be aware of and the obligatory “this is not financial advice” but an explanation of what we have done. 🌟👍

SSAS is a great tool, don’t be afraid of learning how it works and how you can use it to enhance your property journey.

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