The Enigmatic Equation of EPCs!

I had booked an “energy review” with an expert, like many people we want to improve our EPC rating, future-proof our properties and save some money on heating bills.

In simple terms, the areas for key consideration are broken down as follows:

⭐ 30% – roof
⭐ 30% – walls
⭐ 30% – floors
⭐ 10% – other

💡 Now most of us know about loft insulation and indeed wall insulation, but floors are a lesser-known equation for us.

🎯 The hunt began to find a cost-effective product that we could use to improve our energy efficiency and not break the bank!

😩 WOW how hard is that to find…… reading reviews we were looking for an underlay/product with a “TOG” value. Nope!

It also had to be fitted under an engineered wood floor. 😫

Quite a few emails later I found a really helpful company “Source Wood Floors” and hey presto sound advice and a product that will work, not too expensive and the “finefloor techniboard” underlay with a 2.15 TOG. 🧐

So glad to have found a product that I can try! 😊

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