Avoid Falling for the Get-Rich-Quick Mindset

"Just don't bother starting in property"

Well, if that’s your attitude then I would probably agree.

Statements like these usually come from one of two places:

📌 A lack of knowledge

📌 A bad experience in the past

Both of which are underpinned by the get rich quick mentality that many people adopt when getting into property and no wonder why really; social media is awash with unrealistic stories of a fast buck, buy a 15k property “up North” the yields are great! Yep, but what about the area, demand, tenant type, management agent and longevity of the purchase?

No one is saying that property is a walk in the park, and due consideration needs to be given to your financial situation and long-term goals.

However, with the right support, education, and due diligence it is possible to move in the right direction towards your goals.

The first thing to consider is:

Do you want to have a PROPERTY JOB or be a PROPERTY INVESTOR?

Once you have decided this you can then consider – WHAT STRATEGY?

If you are undecided or need help in discussing your strategy book in a call or drop me a DM.

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