Navigating Utility Challenges!

A BIG word of warning when doing anything with utilities! I was recently talking with a developer, and we were discussing utilities! They made the statement that they thought they had started with the utilities to their development early enough…and then said: “early enough is never early enough” – too true! Way back in October […]

Avoid Falling for the Get-Rich-Quick Mindset

“Just don’t bother starting in property” Well, if that’s your attitude then I would probably agree. Statements like these usually come from one of two places: ???? A lack of knowledge ???? A bad experience in the past Both of which are underpinned by the get rich quick mentality that many people adopt when getting […]

Bid Smarter with FlexHomes

Long before the days of buying a car online and having it delivered to your door you would traipse around looking at cars in person. Only to turn up to find out it is not what you thought, it has a ding up the back, you kick the tires and then have to decide. Then […]

A Life Marked by Modest Triumphs

Sometimes it is hard to see the wood for the trees, and it feels like everything is conspiring against us. This time of year, being extra busy.  The world of property certainly has a mass of diversity, experiences, rewards and opportunities  for those who have the persistence, tenacity and energy to ride the waves.  I […]

Cheese Chasing No More!

Do you ever feel that you are like an entrant in the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling event (if you have no idea what I am talking about it is bonkers search it on YT!) Lurching to chase after one piece of rolling cheese, only to have another cross your path, another curve ball you, a few more pop up, everyone chasing […]

Our Close Call: How We Beat the Bank’s Limits

I have had it with banks! Check this out now and save yourself a world of added stress! As the saying goes… it is not what you know, but who you know! I am sick of hearing excuses for poor service, delays, sorry they are not in, I can’t speak to them, they are working […]

The Quest for Easier Document Handling

Me ……….. with just 45 minutes to go until our solicitors close, I am running around to my neighbour in 40-degree heat (I hardly know them by the way); asking a massive favour “can you witness my signature”. Poor woman, I basically barge my way into her house, thrust a pen in her hand and […]

Unlocking Your Property’s Unique Selling Points (USPs)

In our ongoing exploration of the Unique Selling Points (USPs) that can make your property stand out in the crowded real estate market, let’s delve into three more essential features that can give your property a competitive edge: 1. Dedicated Work Area – The Ideal Work Haven In today’s interconnected world, remote work and extended […]

Crafting a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Back in my days at British Airways, they were pioneers in crafting unique selling points, or USPs. One of their standout creations from 1990, “Club Europe,” revolutionised business class travel. Think about BA today, and it’s hard to imagine their fleet without it. Club Europe offered superior seating, dedicated check-in, priority boarding, and complimentary in-flight […]

Auction Oops: Dates and Disasters!

When buying at auction! So not a “knock knock” joke (if you are old enough to remember them!) In the absence of a confirmed completion day by a solicitor, you could easily make the rookie error of assuming the wrong completion date! 56 days : 7 days in a week = 8 weeks = 2 months… WRONG!  So as we hurtled towards […]

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