Why Are Strategy Calls Essential?

When I get feedback like this, I smile, I can see first-hand the value I have provided during a strategy call. “Your expertise and insight helped us gain so much clarity, and we appreciate it so much. It is astonishing to see that we have achieved so much from just one discussion. The ball is […]

Time to Chuck Out Your Pension Myths

If you’re old enough to remember the iconic ad campaign from 1996 IKEA – “chuck out your chintz” then you will no doubt be of an age where you should be thinking about applying the same idea to old attitudes and thoughts towards your pension! It is not too late to “liberate your pension”  from the […]

The Enigmatic Equation of EPCs!

I had booked an “energy review” with an expert, like many people we want to improve our EPC rating, future-proof our properties and save some money on heating bills. In simple terms, the areas for key consideration are broken down as follows:  30% – roof 30% – walls 30% – floors 10% – other  Now most of us […]

Three Power Moves with Your SSAS

3 killer ways to nail your SSAS and they are easy! YEP easy!   Commercial Property Buy commercial property directly into your SSAS , simple! Just factor in any VAT elements and if intending to convert into residential be aware that the SSAS cannot hold residential, so there is a need to “sell” out of the […]

Spotting Smoke & Mirrors!

Don’t get stiffed in 2024! Why is it that used car salesmen, estate agents and property people all get a bad rap? To be fair, there are some seriously bad ones that give everyone else a bad name! I am sure we’ve all seen the programmes on slum landlords, rogue car traders and shady salesman.  […]

Go Local or Global?

We’ve all heard of “shop local” but how does “invest local” really impact our property plans? I am from the South and invest in the “North East” , and add into the mix the fact I spend large amounts of time visiting my husband who lives in Bahrain!    When getting started in property this is probably […]

Power Pals – Uniting Success!

There is something extremely satisfying about finding JV partners who have the same outlook and money. Plus, a whole host of benefits:  ✨Greater investment fund – bigger deals with greater rewards. ✨Opens up different target areas as increased buying power. ✨Shared vision and goals with a clear agreed objective. ✨Collaboration – working together is more enjoyable and […]

Is switching your BTL property to SA a good idea?

BTL to SA – a sound idea? No doubt you will have seen many posts on people changing their BTL properties to SA, and more than a few sourcers selling these or Rent to Rent Deals. Serviced Accommodation is promising BIG returns and easy money, no doubt there has been massive growth in the market, the […]

Time-Crunch Solved!

Be honest here, most people I know wish they had more time, me included! In the evolution of any business there comes a point in time, a tipping point, where it starts to make sense to seek help, to outsource. I find my days run away from me, new opportunities present themselves and tasks often […]

Smart Property Move: Cash vs Leverage?

One of the questions that often crops up is “should I buy one property in cash or use my money as deposits across multiple properties?” Mmmmm……now many people will instantly answer that question with “buy multiple properties” , with the mechanics of that decision led by more properties, more capital growth . It is certainly true that […]

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